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Tanzania – Colleen Lane (2014)

Healthcare Tip Sheet: Traveling to or Living in Tanzania? What to know before you go. Dispensaries and small community health centers, as well as traditional healers deliver the majority of healthcare in Tanzania. However there are also district hospitals, regional hospitals, and finally the consult hospitals which all have different services and varied ability to [Continue reading…]

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Kenya – Katy Bullard (2014)

Travel tips: • Before departing, sign up for alerts through the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. • Contact your health insurance provider before going to check on their policies for international travel, and consider investing in travel insurance. Through providers like Global Nomads, it’s quite inexpensive and can make a huge difference. • Do [Continue reading…]

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Zambia – Sara Seghezzo (2014)

-Before you go: Register with the US embassy. You’ll receive email notifications if anything is happening in any of the countries your traveling in. -Go to your local travel clinic and make sure your vaccinations are all up to date. Even though Zambia does not require yellow fever vaccine, other African countries (including South Africa) [Continue reading…]

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Morocco – Aerion Ward (2014)

1. Be vigilant and observant, unlike the United States, going for casual aloof strolls is not a suggested thing. 2. When walking, move with authority as though you know where you are going and with a clear defined purpose. 3. Learn key words immediately upon arrival, No, How Much, Too Expensive. 4. Make sure you [Continue reading…]

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Rwanda & Zambia – Sarah Smith (2013)

Traveling abroad can be an extremely rewarding and even life changing experience, but you need to be prepared in order to have a safe and enjoyable trip. Some basic safety tips which are important when traveling abroad are to learn about the history and the culture of the place before you go. This will influence [Continue reading…]

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Botswana – Emily MacDuffie (2013)

Being Safe in Botswana: Lessons from a Young Traveler When I learned that I would be spending the next six months studying cervical cancer in Botswana, my brain was bombarded by questions. How would I get there? Would my patients like me? How would I pack for frigid nights and frying-pan hot days? What food [Continue reading…]

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Namibia – Elizabeth Skurdahl (2014)

Hitchhiking: Hitchhiking, or simply “hiking” as it is referred to locally, is the most common form of transport in Namibia (and in much of southern Africa). Many people in Namibia who live in remote areas don’t have their own vehicles, so they get rides with those who do, splitting the cost of gas. In addition [Continue reading…]

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Tanzania + General Tips – Rachel Hagues (2013)

Lessons Learned in International Travel: Tips for Others Learn greetings and basic local words People love to be greeted in their own language. Especially if traveling to a remote area, making the effort at least to learn how to greet the locals can make all the difference! You can quickly go from being the stuck-up [Continue reading…]

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Malawi – Kelli Wong (2012)

Kelli Wong, graduated from Colgate University and received her medical degree from Tulane.  Now in her residency in pediatrics, Kelly spent a month in Malawi providing medical care to HIV positive children.  Kelly received a $1500 scholarship from  Sara’s Wish Foundation. Here are Kelli’s travel safety tips: Always let someone know where you are going, how you are traveling, [Continue reading…]

Kenya – Mariah Hennen (2012)

Mariah Hennen, is a student at Kalamazoo College. Mariah spent the summer of 2012 in Kenya where she is worked with The Umoja Project, developing a palliative care program for vulnerable children.  Mariah received a $1500 scholarship from Sara’s Wish Foundation. Here are Mariah’s travel safety tips: Kenya touched my inner-soul and left there a mark that [Continue reading…]