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Mexico – Taylor Fie (2014)

1. Pack light and cheap: Carrying a huge amount of luggage or costly items can cause multiple problems–it can be hard to keep track of multiple bags and might grab the wrong kind of attention, making you susceptible to theft. It’s best to leave valuable things, like nice cameras, jewelry, and watches at home instead [Continue reading…]

Costa Rica – Rebecca Flint (2013)

As far as traveling is concerned, I would consider Costa Rica one of the safest options based on its stable government, low crime rates, and great health care system. That being said, my travel safety tips are focusing on choosing where you are going to travel, with what program you are going to travel, and [Continue reading…]

Nicaraugua – Katy Peake (2013)

Firstly, review other Sara’s Wish safety tips! Jen Bishop wrote about educating yourself on where you’ll be traveling to, signing up with the State Department and maintaining contact with people in the US, getting vaccinated, purchasing a cell phone in your host country, using common sense, and having a safety plan in place in case [Continue reading…]

Guatemala – Jen Bishop (2010)

Jen Bishop is a medical student at the University of Colorado. Jen traveled to rural Guatemala where she educated community health workers on improved nutritional practices, early childhood health interventions, etc. Jen received $1500 from Sara’s Wish Foundation. Here are Jen’s travel safety tips: Guatemala is an unbelievably beautiful place with many volcanoes to climb, [Continue reading…]

Nicaragua – Hilary Robbins (2011)

Hilary Robbins is a graduate of Duke University. Hilary spent six months in Nicaragua, performing a research study in an impoverished community to determine health needs, developing a program design for a free clinic, and then applying for monetary grants and medical supply donations to make the clinic a reality. Hilary received a $1500 scholarship from Sara’s [Continue reading…]

Mexico – Sarah Isbey (2011)

Sarah Isbey, a graduate of Dartmouth College, is a medical student at UNC – Chapel Hill. This summer, Sarah worked in several rural villages in Mexico, implementing training programs regarding basic medical emergencies.  Sarah received a $1000 scholarship from Sara’s Wish Foundation. Here are Sarah’s travel safety tips: Travel and work in groups whenever possible! Get to know your [Continue reading…]