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Ecuador – Taina Paredes (2013)

1. Make sure to visit your doctor and get all of the vaccinations and medications that you may need, especially if you are travel to different places in a country. In Ecuador, there are several health risks including malaria and altitude sickness. You want to be prepared and informed. 2. Get locks for your suitcases. [Continue reading…]

Nicaraugua – Katy Peake (2013)

Firstly, review other Sara’s Wish safety tips! Jen Bishop wrote about educating yourself on where you’ll be traveling to, signing up with the State Department and maintaining contact with people in the US, getting vaccinated, purchasing a cell phone in your host country, using common sense, and having a safety plan in place in case [Continue reading…]

Peru – Genevieve Smith (2013)

In mid February — before I was scheduled to leave for Cusco, Peru in early March – an issue was released by the U.S. Embassy to U.S. tourists of a potential kidnapping threat in the Cusco region. The U.S. embassy believed there was a threat from the Peruvian terrorist group, The Shining Path. The Shining [Continue reading…]

Botswana – Emily MacDuffie (2013)

Being Safe in Botswana: Lessons from a Young Traveler When I learned that I would be spending the next six months studying cervical cancer in Botswana, my brain was bombarded by questions. How would I get there? Would my patients like me? How would I pack for frigid nights and frying-pan hot days? What food [Continue reading…]

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Namibia – Elizabeth Skurdahl (2014)

Hitchhiking: Hitchhiking, or simply “hiking” as it is referred to locally, is the most common form of transport in Namibia (and in much of southern Africa). Many people in Namibia who live in remote areas don’t have their own vehicles, so they get rides with those who do, splitting the cost of gas. In addition [Continue reading…]

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Tanzania + General Tips – Rachel Hagues (2013)

Lessons Learned in International Travel: Tips for Others Learn greetings and basic local words People love to be greeted in their own language. Especially if traveling to a remote area, making the effort at least to learn how to greet the locals can make all the difference! You can quickly go from being the stuck-up [Continue reading…]

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Chile and Patagonia – Tammy Elwell (2013)

Before arrival • Learn about area to know place names, modes of transportation, and local norms. • Try to locate a local contact person through a trusted source, and establish communication with that local point person. • Develop skills to listen to intuition and instincts. Meditation, yoga, and other practices help develop skills of self-awareness [Continue reading…]

Viet Nam – Lan Ngo (2013)

Travel Tips For Vietnam 1. On three different occasions, strangers have grabbed at my body before. Luckily, nothing else happened. Be prepared to yell back, but I would not advise attacking or hitting anyone if you are sexually harassed in this way, as violence in fights can escalate very quickly in Vietnam. 2. Avoid extravagance. [Continue reading…]

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Haiti – Jane Park (2012)

  Jane Park, . Here are Jane Park’s travel safety tips: First off, general safety tips.  Register with the American Embassy.  You can do this online or by fax.  Travel with at least one other person when possible, or at least let people know where you are when you’re out.  Plan in advance, including for [Continue reading…]

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Peru – Anna Kirsch (2012)

Anna Kirsch, is a medical student at Georgia Health Sciences University.  Anna (Mariah) worked in Peru during the summer of 2012, leading a research team that is assessing the impact of cancer initiatives by a local clinic in the Andes.  Mariah received a $1500 scholarship from Sara’s Wish Foundation. Here are Anna’s travel safety tips: Peru has become a [Continue reading…]