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Bolivia – Karla Mendoza (2014)

• Be extremely cautious when crossing streets. Make eye contact with drivers and walk quickly across streets. Many streets in Bolivia don’t have pedestrian signals for walking and stopping. Car drivers are impatient and will advance as soon as the street light turns green, whether or not you’ve finished crossing the street. • Only drink [Continue reading…]

Peru – Kali Basman (2014)

I strongly encourage any reader to make the journey to Peru. From the serene villages nestled into the jungle along the Amazon River, to the endless stairways through the vivid streets of a crowded and colorful Cusco, Peru has something to offer every traveler. Of course, every traveler should go equipped with some basic knowledge [Continue reading…]

Ecuador – Taina Paredes (2013)

1. Make sure to visit your doctor and get all of the vaccinations and medications that you may need, especially if you are travel to different places in a country. In Ecuador, there are several health risks including malaria and altitude sickness. You want to be prepared and informed. 2. Get locks for your suitcases. [Continue reading…]

Peru – Genevieve Smith (2013)

In mid February — before I was scheduled to leave for Cusco, Peru in early March – an issue was released by the U.S. Embassy to U.S. tourists of a potential kidnapping threat in the Cusco region. The U.S. embassy believed there was a threat from the Peruvian terrorist group, The Shining Path. The Shining [Continue reading…]

Chile and Patagonia – Tammy Elwell (2013)

Before arrival • Learn about area to know place names, modes of transportation, and local norms. • Try to locate a local contact person through a trusted source, and establish communication with that local point person. • Develop skills to listen to intuition and instincts. Meditation, yoga, and other practices help develop skills of self-awareness [Continue reading…]

Peru – Anna Kirsch (2012)

Anna Kirsch, is a medical student at Georgia Health Sciences University.  Anna (Mariah) worked in Peru during the summer of 2012, leading a research team that is assessing the impact of cancer initiatives by a local clinic in the Andes.  Mariah received a $1500 scholarship from Sara’s Wish Foundation. Here are Anna’s travel safety tips: Peru has become a [Continue reading…]

Ecuador – Gwen Niekamp (2012)

Gwen Niekamp, graduated from Vassar College.  Gwen volunteered this summer at the summer camp in Ecuador founded by another SWF recipient,   Emma Coates-Finke.  Gwen received a $1000 scholarship from Sara’s Wish Foundation. Here are Gwen’s travel safety tips: Before you go, learn as much as you can about your destination—both the country as a whole [Continue reading…]

Argentina – Kimberly Ellenson (2012)

Kimberly Ellenson, is a graduate of Cornell University.  Kimberly is living in Argentina for six months, where she is volunteering with the Foundation for Sustainable Development and focusing on increasing access to health care for impoverished citizens.  Kimberly received a $1500 scholarship  from Sara’s Wish Foundation. Here are Kimberly’s travel safety tips: The Argentine Northwest is replete [Continue reading…]

Ecuador – Emma Coates-Finke (2010)

Emma Coates-Finke is a graduate of Northampton High School and a student at Vassar College. Emma worked in Ecuador teaching English and running a culture and arts-based summer camp in a small indigenous agricultural community. Emma received $1000 from Sara’s Wish Foundation. Read Emma’s travel safety tips: 1) If possible, travel with a buddy or [Continue reading…]

Venezuela – Azita Jacobson (2006)

Azita Jacobson is a graduate student in Public Health at New York Medical College. Azita received a scholarship of $1500 from Sara’s Wish Foundation in order to support her study of the effects of harmful household environmental pollutants on pregnant women in Marcibo, Venezuela. Here are Azita’s travel safety tips: Maraciabo is blistering year round, [Continue reading…]

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