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India – Ericka Schnitzer (2000)

Ericka Schnitzer applied for her scholarship while pursuing a MA/PhD degree at the Divinity School at the Unversity of Chicago. Ericka attended a Hindi language immersion program in Rajasthan, India, during the fall of 2000. While in India Ericka worked with a group of children on art projects aimed at gaining an understanding of their [Continue reading…]

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Australia – Kristine Schad (2000)

Kristine Schad majored in biology at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. During summer 2000, Kristine participated in a School for Field Studies program in northeastern Australia. Kristine studied tropical reforestation and worked with the community, government, and biological staff on limiting the destruction of the tropical rainforest. Kristine lived in the rainforest on [Continue reading…]

Philippines – Lena Fairless (2000)

Lena Fairless pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing at Truman State University in Missouri where she also received a BS degree in biology in 1997. During summer 2000, Lena and eleven other nursing majors traveled to the Philippines where they worked in a variety of primitive medical settings. Lena’s award of $1000 covered [Continue reading…]

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Nepal – Karen Mera (2000)

Karen Mera was student at the Yale School of Nursing when she applied to Sara’s Wish Foundation. Her plans were to graduate in 2001 with a Master’s of Science degree in nursing with the training to be licensed as a family nurse practitioner. Karen spent summer 2000 volunteering in a hospital in Kathmandu, working in [Continue reading…]

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Zimbabwe – Ashley Currier (2000)

Ashley Currier was a master’s degree student in English at the University of Pittsburgh. During the summer 2000, she worked on a project to promote women’s literacy while interning with one of Zimbabwe’s national presses. Ashley was awarded a scholarship in the amount of $1000 to pay for the cost of her airplane ticket to [Continue reading…]