The Mission of the Scholarship Fund is to perpetuate Sara’s ideals by providing financial support for humanitarian work around the world for young women who share Sara’s zest for life, love of adventure, and zeal to excel.

Sara’s Wish Foundation scholarships have been awarded to extraordinary young women committed to making the world a better place by fully participating in it. We are proud to have offered financial assistance to 175 young women who exhibited qualities of leadership, service, and adventure. With our financial contributions, these women have been able to cover costs associated with traveling to all areas of the globe.  Ethiopia, Korea, the Philippines, Chile, Nepal, and South Africa are just a few examples. Our scholarship recipients have performed a wide variety of remarkable public services in these distant lands, contributing to the welfare of our global village. Be sure to read more about them, as they truly offer inspiration and hope for our future.

These young humanitarians have made a difference in 65 countries across every inhabited continent.  It is now time for Sara’s Wish Foundation to dedicate funding to sustaining and/or improving the work of some of our scholarship recipients, many of whom continue their work in medical, educational, or other humanitarian initiatives across the globe.

Beginning in the fall of 2104, only previous scholarship recipients may apply for funding from Sara’s Wish Foundation. One or two previous recipients will receive awards each year, with amounts ranging from $1000 to $10,000.  These awards will be given for sustained, substantial humanitarian work in the global community.   [Please note that the needs identified in the preliminary application should be more substantive and thus the requests should include specific budget categories.  If the preliminary application is approved for further consideration, a budget page with detailed budget rationales must be included in follow-up documentation along with the expanded narrative describing program needs and anticipated benefits to the population served as a result of funding from  Sara’s Wish Foundation.]

The New Scholarship/Award Application Form is available on-line from October 1st to March 1st.

Award Application Information


  • A commitment to public service
  • A proven track record of effective programming for a humanitarian organization or cause in the global community
  • A history of leadership experience
  • A well-documented, justified need for funding to support the particular humanitarian initiative (e.g., for staffing, equipment, educational materials, travel, etc.)
  • A sincere, sustained interest in the work of Sara’s Wish Foundation
  • A willingness to continue to work with Sara’s Wish Foundation in its ongoing efforts to improve safety awareness both here in the United States and across the globe.


These awards are granted yearly according to the timeline below.

October – January Preliminary Applications reviewed as they are submitted.
November – February Candidates selected from the preliminary applications are asked to submit resumes, essays, and two letters of recommendation.
December – March Finalists are interviewed by telephone or in person by members of the scholarship/award committee.
March All scholarship/award winners are announced by the end of March.