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West Africa – Kelly Dahl (2009)

Kelly Dahl is a registered dietician and graduate of Pepperdine University. Kelly spent a year working on Mercy Ships off of the coast of West Africa — a floating hospital that helps those who have no access to health care. Kelly received a scholarship of $1500 from Sara’s Wish Foundation. Here are Kelly’s travel safety tips: Being cautious [Continue reading…]

Cambodia and Ecuador – Tanya Gonzalez (2011)

Tanya Gonzalez is pursuing a medical degree at Howard University.  During the summer 0f 2011, Tanya contributed her medical expertise to under-served populations in both Cambodia (for two weeks) and Ecuador (for six weeks). Tanya’s volunteer work is possible thanks to a $1500 scholarship from Sara’s Wish Foundation. Here are Tanya’s travel safety tips for Cambodia: I found the Cambodian people to be [Continue reading…]

Tibet – Nancy Zimmerman (2011)

Nancy Zimmerman is studying to be a nurse practitioner at UCLA. Nancy worked as a nurse practitioner in the Himalayan Health Exchange Program in Tibet this summer. Nancy received a $1500 scholarship from Sara’s Wish Foundation. Here are Nancy’s travel safety tips: Do not be hesitant in whatever form of transportation that you choose (car, rickshaw, carriage) to [Continue reading…]

Nicaragua – Hilary Robbins (2011)

Hilary Robbins is a graduate of Duke University. Hilary spent six months in Nicaragua, performing a research study in an impoverished community to determine health needs, developing a program design for a free clinic, and then applying for monetary grants and medical supply donations to make the clinic a reality. Hilary received a $1500 scholarship from Sara’s [Continue reading…]

Mexico – Sarah Isbey (2011)

Sarah Isbey, a graduate of Dartmouth College, is a medical student at UNC – Chapel Hill. This summer, Sarah worked in several rural villages in Mexico, implementing training programs regarding basic medical emergencies.  Sarah received a $1000 scholarship from Sara’s Wish Foundation. Here are Sarah’s travel safety tips: Travel and work in groups whenever possible! Get to know your [Continue reading…]