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Peru – Anna Kirsch (2012)

Anna Kirsch, is a medical student at Georgia Health Sciences University.  Anna (Mariah) worked in Peru during the summer of 2012, leading a research team that is assessing the impact of cancer initiatives by a local clinic in the Andes.  Mariah received a $1500 scholarship from Sara’s Wish Foundation. Here are Anna’s travel safety tips: Peru has become a [Continue reading…]

Venezuela – Azita Jacobson (2006)

Azita Jacobson is a graduate student in Public Health at New York Medical College. Azita received a scholarship of $1500 from Sara’s Wish Foundation in order to support her study of the effects of harmful household environmental pollutants on pregnant women in Marcibo, Venezuela. Here are Azita’s travel safety tips: Maraciabo is blistering year round, [Continue reading…]

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Ghana – Rachael Bonawitz (2006)

Rachael Bonawitz is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College. Rachael received a $1300 scholarship from Sara’s Wish Foundation to support her work as a laboratory researcher in Kumasi, Ghana. Here are Rachael’s travel safety tips: – Try to arrive in daylight – the airport is not necessarily near downtown Accra and trying to charter a [Continue reading…]

Nicaragua – Hilary Robbins (2011)

Hilary Robbins is a graduate of Duke University. Hilary spent six months in Nicaragua, performing a research study in an impoverished community to determine health needs, developing a program design for a free clinic, and then applying for monetary grants and medical supply donations to make the clinic a reality. Hilary received a $1500 scholarship from Sara’s [Continue reading…]